Party Recipe: Chocolate Raspberries

Today’s party recipe comes from Saucy’s SprinkleIt’s so simple, it’s silly.  You might recognize this sweet treat from yesterday’s post, they were absolutely a hit at the party.  images by Sasha Libby

Are these not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  They are so simple but really adds a lot to your spread.  I’ve used these twice but used the white chocolate chips because I think they stand out a bit more.


Wash and completely dry fresh raspberries.  Fill them with an upside down chocolate chip and serve at room temperature.

Shower: Pretty Pink Baby Shower

We threw a sweet shower for a friend of ours. We decided to make it a couples shower; what you don’t see is burgers and hot dogs being cooked in the background. However, Ian and Harper were expecting their first baby girl so I wanted to make the decorations as feminine as possible. We threw the shower exactly a month before she was due, and good thing we did. Baby Ruby came a few days later and had a room full of goodies waiting for her.

Images by Becca Murdaugh