DIY: Fringe Garland

IMG_3015This past weekend we celebrated our friend, Melissa, and her baby girl that is due this summer. It was such a sweet shower and we can’t wait to share the rest of the details with you later this year (its being published, so we have to keep everything under wraps for now!).

However, I wanted to show you how we made one of the details – the FRINGE! Fringe reminds me of pom-poms and with the color scheme we opted for, it added an extra girly element to our party.  This element is pretty easy to make, however, its a bit time consuming to make a lot of it. So, put your favorite chick flick on and get to working!

You only need tissue paper and scissors for this project. That’s it!

First, fold length-wise.

Fold width-wise, twice. IMG_3003 IMG_3004Cut the fringe pieces (about 3/4 inch pieces).
IMG_3005Unfold and cut paper down the middle.
IMG_3008Open the paper, roll and twist.
IMG_3009 IMG_3010 IMG_3012Use as individual tassels or string together as pictured (you can use hot glue to keep the fringe pieces in place when you string it along yarn or twine).
IMG_3013 Enjoy!