Valentine Twist on a Favorite

I was so excited when I stumbled across this burlap Valentine’s banner on Pinterest yesterday. I followed the image to the funkyshique Etsy store. I especially like this banner because its reminiscent of the Burlap Name Banner we showcased back in September. The Burlap Name Banner is one of our favorite (and easiest) ways to add a little fun to a party. So, why not trade out the lettering for some bright red hearts and the rectangular shape for some cheery triangles? Its a Valentine’s Day win.

To see instructions for the Burlap Name Banner, go here. To purchase the White Painted Burlap with Red Glitter Hearts, go here. Above images via here.

DIY: Burlap Name Banner

This is a cute and easy way to personalize a shower. This one is being used tonight for Aiden’s baby shower. Its a great keepsake and would be adorable hanging above his crib afterward.

All you need is burlap (enough for each letter of the name/word), a giant sharpie and some yarn. I started with precut burlap, but it would be just as easy to cut out shapes from a roll of burlap from a fabric store. 

With the sharpie, draw a letter on each piece. Since its a baby shower, I decided to go with all lower case letters.

Next, cut slits at the top of the burlap. You need to cut at least two, but could cut more if you want the yarn to weave through a few times.

String the yarn through the slits.

Voila! You are done!