Birthday: Ezra, The First Year

Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-4I cannot believe my little guy is 1.  He surprisingly came into this world early the morning of our  Accenture event last year.  Of course an event planner’s baby would do such a thing, right?  We celebrated our sweet babe with our closest friends and family by displaying picture of his first year and a showing all his “firsts”.  It’s been a crazy year but we are the luckiest people in the world to be the parents of our big E boy.

Happy Birthday Buddy.

First Birthday Party2Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-13First Birthday Party5Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-18 Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-20Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-2First Birthday PartyEzra, 1 Year {MWP}-1First Birthday Party1Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-56

Photos by Meg White Photography

Cake by Belinda Wingo


Easter Party

It’s almost Easter, we at Social Graces are beyond excited for Spring and our 2013 wedding season to kick off.

We hope you get a little inspiration from this super cute Easter party by Leanne at Catch My Party.  Enjoy your Holiday weekend with your friends and family.  We encourage you to take away from a few of our inspiration pieces here and here and add a little flare to your family gathering.

easter party

easter party1

easter party2

DIY: Rainbow Slush

Today’s DIY slush comes from Miss Ava’s Rainbow Party featured on Monday. I found the DIY on Ramblings from the Sunshine State. It is absolutely perfect for a summer time rainbow party.


Ice Pops
Trifle bowl
A pastry blender
A small bowl

Separate the colors in piles.  I took out the pink and white/cream colored ones.  Some of the shades kind of blend.  I stuck with the dark, more obvious colored ones.

Start with the bottom color; purple.  I found 6 popsicels of each color to be the magic number.  Mash them up in a separate bowl

 Then pour into the trifle dish.  Using a fork, press the chopped up Popsicle to the bottom, making an even laying.  While you mash the next layer of Popsicle, place the trifle dish in the freezer.

Repeat until all layers of the rainbow are complete.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Once you are finished, place in the freezer for at least a couple hours before your party.  Let sit at room temperature for about 10 min before serving.

Tips on using a Cotton Candy Machine

A cotton candy machine sounds like a good idea for every party. It brings color, activity and excitement to your event. It’s easy to rent and comes with instructions, a piece of cake right? Well, not exactly. It’s a little more tricky than that. I’ve rented many machines for events in the past and handed over the instructions to a group of volunteers and had them figure it out. However, we rented a machine for a birthday party back in March and had to figure it out ourselves. When you’re crunched for time, it’s not so easy. We didn’t need to return the machine right away so I took the time the next day to practice a bit, and here is what I learned…

You will need:

Cotton candy machine

Floss sugar (flavored sugar)

Paper cones



Bowl with netting and clips


1. Follow the directions completely, don’t skip a step, it’s worth being patient.

2. It’s best outdoors.  We used the machine indoors and it set off the smoke detectors.  It doesn’t create smoke but there are small sugar particles that fly into the air and cause some detectors to go off.

3. This is a two person job.  It is not easy to be successful alone.  One person should make the candy and one person should bag the candy.

4. Don’t let the bowl get too full.  If you don’t have two people your bowl will get full (see picture below) which makes it hard to wrap the candy up.

5. Spin the stick while you are making the circular motion around the bowl, otherwise you create a blob that is hard to get into a bag.

6. Bigger is not always better.  If you are going for looks, a smaller portion is better and will stay on the stick while eating.

7. Try to keep up with the machine, if you aren’t able to go fast, you leave too much waiting to be bagged.  It becomes hard and the hard crystals (think wet cotton candy) will get into your future packages.

8. Don’t wear your Sunday best.  You will get messy and sticky (see picture below). I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I was an amateur.  I think you will get cotton candy on your regardless.

9. Do your best to clean out the bowl for the rental company but don’t clean too much as you might damage the machine by getting something wet that isn’t suppose to be wet.  They will gladly clean the machine for you.

10. Have fun and eat LOTS of candy. 🙂

Machine from All Events Rental