DIY: Mason Jar Straw Lids

Hi guys! Sunitha here, the summer intern!  This is my first blog post and I am excited to share these DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids we found on That’s What Che Said. Its super simple and the perfect compliment to any summer barbecue!

Simply drill into the top of the mason jar and insert the grommet (to see Che’s full instructions and supply list, click here) and enjoy!

Our favorite place to purchase fun straws is from Sweet Shop Lulu – they have just what you need for your next party.

Image via That’s What Che Said.


DIY: Fringe Garland

IMG_3015This past weekend we celebrated our friend, Melissa, and her baby girl that is due this summer. It was such a sweet shower and we can’t wait to share the rest of the details with you later this year (its being published, so we have to keep everything under wraps for now!).

However, I wanted to show you how we made one of the details – the FRINGE! Fringe reminds me of pom-poms and with the color scheme we opted for, it added an extra girly element to our party.  This element is pretty easy to make, however, its a bit time consuming to make a lot of it. So, put your favorite chick flick on and get to working!

You only need tissue paper and scissors for this project. That’s it!

First, fold length-wise.

Fold width-wise, twice. IMG_3003 IMG_3004Cut the fringe pieces (about 3/4 inch pieces).
IMG_3005Unfold and cut paper down the middle.
IMG_3008Open the paper, roll and twist.
IMG_3009 IMG_3010 IMG_3012Use as individual tassels or string together as pictured (you can use hot glue to keep the fringe pieces in place when you string it along yarn or twine).
IMG_3013 Enjoy!

DIY: Felt Shamrocks

It has been awhile since we’ve featured a DIY…so while we continue to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, let’s get a little crafty.  These cute Shamrocks are meant to be made into little barrettes but you can use these in a number of ways.  Get creative – Pin one to a brown paper bag with goodies inside.  Glue one to a card to let someone know how “lucky” you are to have them.  Attach a few to sticks and place in vases for decoration or use those sticks to decorate a cake.  See?  There are endless possibilities.  So have fun!

Images by paper & ink

From paper & ink,

adapted from this pattern… 

 i changed the shape of each petal to have two lobes each, and flipped the flower over, preferring the shape of the bottom of the flower for the clover.

you will need:
wool felt
needle and thread
blank barrette

cut 4 leaves in the shape shown above. mine measured about 3/4 of an inch tall, and nearly an inch wide.

sew the leaves together as shown above, and tie the threads together tightly at the ends.

sew to a barrette, and clip on your little lucky charm. 

A Photo Booth Goodbye

IMG_1397We recently said farewell to one of our nearest and dearest friends, Cheri, and her husband. We hosted the party at my house the night before they drove their loaded U-haul a whopping 23 hours to the east coast. It was extremely sad to let one of our favorite girls go, but I didn’t want the party to be depressing and emotional. So, instead, we opted for a really fun night that included our own photo booth.

Here’s what we used: two curtains, curtain rod (already in place over two of my windows), a DSLR camera, tripod and flash, photo booth props*, big smiles and silly faces (*some of our props were our own, while the mustaches, lips, etc. were purchased through The Manic Moose on Etsy).IMG_1380 IMG_1391 IMG_1393 IMG_1433 IMG_1448 IMG_1466 IMG_1473 IMG_1477 IMG_1485 IMG_1488 IMG_1495 IMG_1498 IMG_1503

Having these fun images are something we will treasure for a long time.

So long, Cheri! We love you and miss you so much already!

DIY: Leftover Fabric Art

IMG_0609It’s a very happy new year here at Social Graces. We are so excited about our many clients we are already working with for 2013. We have been so blessed to be growing as a business and find ourselves incredibly honored to be a part of such special moments. While weddings are making their biggest mark at SG, we are also working on parties and showers that we can’t wait to share. So, 2013, here we come!

As our cliental grows, we have to decided to not put as much pressure on ourselves with the blog. Never fear, though, readers! We will still post 2+ times during the week. We will continue to bring you vendor spotlights, DIY ideas, our favorite things from other party/wedding blogs, timely trends and yummy recipes. We are just going to take care of our clients first, and the blog second. 🙂

Speaking of the blog, I have a great little DIY for you today. My husband and I recently redid the shelves in our guest bedroom (we have a 100 year old home that we love! You can view a few images here, here and here). After repainting the shelves to all white, I felt like the accessories needed to be refreshed. I took everything down, shopped around the house a bit, and started over. I was coming up a bit short on accessories to fill the space when a great idea popped into my head. IMG_0604

I recently had my sister-in-law make me this cute chevron pillow. IMG_0612

I remembered that I had some leftover fabric and a leftover frame from two other projects. So, I decided to use the fabric as a print to tie the bedding and shelving together. I am super happy with my (free!) project. IMG_0609

Although I used this in my home, the idea could easily be used as part of a dessert table backdrop. By using various shapes/color/size frames with complimentary fabric (or paper!) you could come up with a stunning focal point on your big day. IMG_0608

DIY Wednesday: Snow Globes


Snow globes seem to be coming back into the picture lately. This time, though, they have any extra layer of whimsy. That is probably because most are now handmade! I wanted to share these DIY Snow Globes from Apartment Therapy. They are perfect as Christmas decor or a present, but also has a Christmas centerpiece. Or, if you are having a December wedding, it would be so unique to hand them out as favors!


Click here to see Apartment Therapy’s full DIY instructions. All images via Apartment Therapy.