Real Wedding: Kindra and Phil

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Kindra and Phil celebrated their wedding on September 21, 2013 at their family farm. The couple chose Splashdrop Photography to capture the special day. Infused Catering provided the meal and Sugar Leaf Bakery created the delicious cake for the reception. Shannon Custom Floral designed all the arrangements, including the stunning bouquet, and decorated the reception tent. The yummy S’mores bar was designed by Social Graces. Kindra bought her beautiful gown from Normans in Downtown Springfield.

Here’s a sample of the gorgeous day!

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Real Wedding: Laurissa & Matt


On May 26, 2013 Laurissa and Matt Jones celebrated their wedding at Integrity Hills in Ridgedale, Missouri. Laurissa bought her beautiful gown at Normans. The beautiful array of flowers were created by The Nest/ The Thicket. The fun, delicious cakes were created by Sugar Leaf. Tracy from B#Sharp Entertainment kept the night going with fun music for everyone to dance to. All of the amazing photographs were taken by Christian Gideon.

Enjoy a sample of the gorgeous pictures!

wedding partyLaurissa + MattML



sunsetbaloonswalking out at night

All images were provided by Christian Gideon

Real Wedding: Caitlin & Willy

Caitlin and Willy‘s wedding took place last July & the beautiful pictures were taken by our very own Meg White. The venues included Stone Chapel and University Plaza. Hair & Make-Up was done by Studio 417. Caitlin bought her dress from Norman’s Bridal. The delicious cake was from Celebrations by Sonja; and the gorgeous flowers and centerpieces were provided by Artistry in Bloom.

Here is a sample of the stunning pictures!

The gorgeous bride and her beautiful bridesmaids outside of Studio 417 before the ceremony.


Their first pictures as husband and wife.


The centerpieces included various types & colors of flowers for an elegant look.


The sweet couple enjoying their first dance.


To check out more of their beautiful pictures head over to Meg White Photography

Social Etiquette: The Negative Nancy

At the beginning of August, we, with the help of our awesome intern, brought you three social wedding etiquette issues (The Rehearsal Dinner, Bridesmaids, and Wedding Invitations). This week, we would like to present a look at a few more!

Today’s subject: The Negative Nancy


From Alli: “Weddings bring out all kinds of emotions in people. Most of the time they are joyful and supportive but there is always at least one person who isn’t giving as much encouragement as you had hoped. We call that person The Negative Nancy. It may be a bridesmaid or an aunt or even one of your parents. This person is putting a downer on all of your great ideas. This can be such a crushing feeling, so how does a bride or even an event host best handle The Negative Nancy

Communication. Communication. Communication. If you have been following the previous Social Etiquette posts you know I put great value in this. 

Find a comfortable time and space (when your emotions about the issue feel relaxed) and simply ask your nancy what’s wrong. Then explain how you are feeling. Chances are they do not even realize they are doing it. If they could understand how you’re feeling about their opinions, surly they will take a softer approach. 

More likely than not, the people who you have asked to share this time with you love you dearly and only want it to be the best. The worst thing you could do is let the wound fester and become a bigger deal than you ever intended. This will lead to a blow out, that could be so easily avoided with the right communication.”

Social Etiquette: Bridesmaids

Today we will be looking into the world of bridesmaids (which some of us are already very familiar with!). 

From Alli: “So, your best gal pal is tying the knot and she asked you to be a part of her big day! Well, get out your to-do list, honey, because we are about to make you the best bridesmaid yet!

I have been a bridesmaid my fair share and I am now a bride, so I have been able to see things from both ends of this relationship. For some weddings, my only responsibility was to show up on time and smile when the photographer said so. For other weddings, I was in charge of showers, invites, decorating and assisting the bride in every way possible.

Whichever end of the spectrum you end on, the single most important thing for any bridesmaid to do is keep communication up with the bride. Have a clear understanding, from the very beginning, about what she is expecting from you. Understand what things are most important to her and where, when & how you can help. She may say her aunts are taking care of the showers and all you need to do is the bachelorette party. Or she may need a whole lot more. After you have heard out your bride be sure to equally communicate the thoughts you have about your role as bridesmaid. Having conversations like these are imperative to a happy wedding planning time!

The 3 keys to being a stellar bridesmaid are:
-willingness and eagerness to help
-remembering why you were chosen as a bridesmaid in the first place – your friendship!”

Images via Meg White Photography

Thanks for sharing, Alli! Stay tuned for Friday’s post on Rehearsal Dinners.