On A Personal Note…

Hey, remember us?!?

Meg&Becca2013-2Image by Christine Bonnivier

We are wedding planners, however, we are Megan and Becca outside of the wedding world who have other jobs, church, close families, husbands and babies.  We love what we do but we have other loves in this world.

With that said…

We’ve been a little busy with our 2014 brides in the last couple of weeks and therefore, the blog has suffered.  Thank you to our devout readers who still keep coming back daily to see us.

Because of you, we feel so blessed.

We also feel blessed about our 2014 year.  We are almost at our max weddings and that makes me ever so excited.  Because of the said loves, Social Graces only takes on so many weddings a year.  We want to give time and energy to each bride.  Your wedding is not a number or a date to us.  You are our BRIDE and are so very special.  We like to spend time with you, help you research, keep our minds fresh and still have time to play with our babies. 🙂

Did you catch I said, BABIES!?!

Well, you’ve all been introduced to my little ones, Zeda who is now 4 and Mr Ezra who came early on the morning of an event.

but now…

We welcome Megan into motherhood.  That’s right, MEGAN!

If you don’t follow her personal blog you can get caught up on her journey here.

Tonight she flies to meet her sweet little guy, Elijah Thomas White in Phoenix.

This has been a whirlwind to say the least so join us in praying for this perfect new addition.  If you feel led, here is a way you can help.

Thank you for your love and support.  Of course there will be a party related to this new love.  Saturday, December 7th, we are going to have a silent auction with Nik and Meg’s closest friends and family.  If you would like to donate an item, gift card or service you are more then welcome to.  Please contact me at becca (at) eventsbysocialgraces (dot) com for more details.


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