Birthday: A Fairy Princess Garden Party


My neighbor, friend, and fellow event planner, Nici threw an adorable backyard birthday party for her sweet girl, Maggie.  It was so fun even though it was blazing hot outside.  Nici bought them each a Fairy Princess outfit and once they were dressed, the party started!  They ate lunch, read a princess book, made necklaces and had a dance party to Choo Choo Soul. Nici’s husband, Jared made a killer dance stage where the girls got their grove on.  Maggie's BirthdayIMG_5904IMG_5901Maggie's Birthday2IMG_5918Maggie's Birthday1IMG_5896IMG_5916Maggie's Birthday3IMG_5913IMG_5936IMG_5893IMG_5910IMG_5941IMG_5973 IMG_5980IMG_5960Happy Birthday Miss Magdalene Elizabeth!

To check out more of Nici’s parties, head over to her blog Humble Hostess.


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