Bridal Portraits

Should you have bridal portraits taken? This isn’t a super hot topic at the moment, but we thought it would be fun to cover this traditional wedding aspect.

I recently took bridal portraits of one of our Social Graces’s brides, Caitlin. And man, was she gorgeous! 🙂It got me thinking about bridal portraits in general. Becca had them taken, but I did not. It is not a necessary detail of your wedding, but its definitely a bonus. As I see it, there are no cons to having them taken.

But pros? To name a few…

You get a practice run! You get to make sure that everything works together with your dress (i.e. your undergarments, your shoes, your jewelry). You also get a run through of your hair and make-up, and, if you are smart like Caitlin, you can get a replica of your bouquet. Nothing to lose there!

Another pro: You get more images set aside of that beautiful (and expensive!) dress. Its an added chance to really capture the beauty of you and your wedding dress. If you can’t afford to include bridal portraits in your wedding package, make sure your photographer dedicates at least a few extra moments to you and your dress on your wedding day. There is nothing like that moment in time captured forever.Images by Meg White Photography.


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