Pinterest: The Double Edged Sword

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I feel like I have been having this conversation a lot lately, so I thought I should bring it to the blog world.  🙂 Let’s get real and talk about the double-edge sword of the world called Pinterest.

I must start out by saying: I love Pinterest. It is a genius invention, and if  used to your advantage, it is an incredible (and free!) tool to organize your life. For me, it is a great way to form ideas with brides, to find inspiration for photography, to plan out new spaces, and to keep a log of my favorite weeknight recipes.

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The second thing: I am not addicted to Pinterest. I actually don’t find myself on Pinterest for no reason, but because I am actually looking for something specific. It often takes the place of a google search and it usually doesn’t disappoint.

The double-edge sword of Pinterest usually comes into play when planning a party or (gasp) your wedding! Sometimes there are just TOO many ideas and inspiration. It starts to cloud the judgement of what we are actually looking for. Many times, brides start to go in too many directions instead of focusing on one look for their big day. This can quickly become problematic.

Another issue that can arise, is that it can give you unrealistic expectations. Some ideas won’t pan out for you the same way as it is pictured because of budget, venue or the fact that a professional, instead of a DIYer, was behind the creation.

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So, what’s the solution? Use Pinterest to help you, not distract you. Once you’ve decided on a theme/direction, only search for ideas that correspond or compliment that. Delete pins from your boards that don’t coincide. Remember, just because its a cute idea, doesn’t mean it goes with your overall theme.

And, be honest with yourself about your DIY skills. Ask yourself, can I really pull this off? Do I have the time? Would it be worth it to have a professional step in to handle this?


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