Trend: #Hashtag Your Wedding

Instagramming is such a huge trend right now. Who doesn’t love to look at fun, everyday pictures? I’d rather scroll through Instagram any day than my Facebook newsfeed. Plus, Instagram, like Twitter, has the hashtag. Sometimes hashtags get a little overused, but, when used correctly, they actually serve a function! Brides everywhere are jumping on this social media resource to collect tweets and online instagrams on their big day. I think its a fantastic trend that really gets your guests involved.

There are also a few wedding apps out there that are meant exactly for your wedding day. For instance, the Wedding Party App actually lets you customize with your information. After your guests download the app (for iPhone or Android), their images go into a digital guestbook for you. 

Remember the days of disposable film cameras at each table? That trend is just being reintroduced in an updated, digital and #instagood fashion.

*First image by Hello My Gem Etsy Shop. 


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