Birthday: Ezra, The First Year

Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-4I cannot believe my little guy is 1.  He surprisingly came into this world early the morning of our  Accenture event last year.  Of course an event planner’s baby would do such a thing, right?  We celebrated our sweet babe with our closest friends and family by displaying picture of his first year and a showing all his “firsts”.  It’s been a crazy year but we are the luckiest people in the world to be the parents of our big E boy.

Happy Birthday Buddy.

First Birthday Party2Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-13First Birthday Party5Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-18 Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-20Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-2First Birthday PartyEzra, 1 Year {MWP}-1First Birthday Party1Ezra, 1 Year {MWP}-56

Photos by Meg White Photography

Cake by Belinda Wingo


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