Behind the Veil

il_570xN.424002042_dhgfWhen I got married (nearly 5 years ago!), I decided to forgo the traditional veil and go with a birdcage (gasp!). At that time (for the Midwest), it seemed a little crazy that I wouldn’t wear a veil. I even had to argue with my mother about it. Now, with wedding traditions being so give and take, that seems silly. What you wear on your head is just another way to inject a little of your personality into your big day.


Recently, veils have made a comeback in a big way… and I’m not going to lie, a little part of me regrets not having one. Some of these beauties make me want to swoon. They are soft and modern, fresh and editorial.


Sometimes, though, veils can get a little confusing. So, when I came across this article from BHLDN, I just had to share.

veil chart

Not only did they share this awesome veil chart, they also give ideas on where to place your veil, how to select the appropriate veil and how to care for your veil. BONUS: you can start your veil shopping on the same link!

*First image is the Dotted Point d’Esprit Cathedral Veil by Melinda Rose Designs, Second image is the  Classy Bubble Veil by Fascinating Creations, Third image is the Sheer Lace Trimmed Mantilla Veil by Elizabeth Anne Designs


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