The RSVP Dilemma


You’ve been working for months, making decisions, being creative and now you are ready to celebrate with your friends and family. But wait! You are still missing dozens of RSVP’s! Now what are you supposed to do?

While a friendly reminder email is an easy way to get the word out (and will work nicely if you can link to an online RSVP), usually a phone call is the most effective way. Wait about 5-7 days past the RSVP deadline, divide up the list, and get to calling.

If you are still not getting answers and your catering and seating chart deadline has arrived, go with your RSVP count + a few more. It’s almost inevitable that someone from your “did not respond” list will show. It’s always better to be safe then sorry!

Want to know what not to do? We don’t recommend using social media as a solution. Not only is it a bit tacky, but people on Facebook and Twitter get blasted with so many things that it is likely they will just ignore your status/message/wall post and you’ll have to give them a call anyway.

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