Eggciting Inspiration!

Mustache Eggs

(Disclaimer: I apologize for the geeked out title of this post, but with this non-stop winter weather we are experiencing, I think I’m about to go nuts! ūüôā )

Can you believe that Easter is this weekend? It must be the weather (or how awesomely busy we’ve been!), as I am behind and not quite ready for the big weekend. Easter means something very special and sacred to us at Social Graces. On top of that, it gives us another reason for DIY-ing and crafting.

In case you are behind, like me, and need something to spark your creative side, I am here to share a few unique Easter egg ideas we’ve come across lately:

alt2 Minimal White

5591213910_832e65e136Sharpie Doodle

1 Pantone Colors

101522862.jpg.rendition.largest Polka Dot Glitter

How are you decorating your eggs this year?


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