DIY: Felt Shamrocks

It has been awhile since we’ve featured a DIY…so while we continue to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, let’s get a little crafty.  These cute Shamrocks are meant to be made into little barrettes but you can use these in a number of ways.  Get creative – Pin one to a brown paper bag with goodies inside.  Glue one to a card to let someone know how “lucky” you are to have them.  Attach a few to sticks and place in vases for decoration or use those sticks to decorate a cake.  See?  There are endless possibilities.  So have fun!

Images by paper & ink

From paper & ink,

adapted from this pattern… 

 i changed the shape of each petal to have two lobes each, and flipped the flower over, preferring the shape of the bottom of the flower for the clover.

you will need:
wool felt
needle and thread
blank barrette

cut 4 leaves in the shape shown above. mine measured about 3/4 of an inch tall, and nearly an inch wide.

sew the leaves together as shown above, and tie the threads together tightly at the ends.

sew to a barrette, and clip on your little lucky charm. 


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