A Photo Booth Goodbye

IMG_1397We recently said farewell to one of our nearest and dearest friends, Cheri, and her husband. We hosted the party at my house the night before they drove their loaded U-haul a whopping 23 hours to the east coast. It was extremely sad to let one of our favorite girls go, but I didn’t want the party to be depressing and emotional. So, instead, we opted for a really fun night that included our own photo booth.

Here’s what we used: two curtains, curtain rod (already in place over two of my windows), a DSLR camera, tripod and flash, photo booth props*, big smiles and silly faces (*some of our props were our own, while the mustaches, lips, etc. were purchased through The Manic Moose on Etsy).IMG_1380 IMG_1391 IMG_1393 IMG_1433 IMG_1448 IMG_1466 IMG_1473 IMG_1477 IMG_1485 IMG_1488 IMG_1495 IMG_1498 IMG_1503

Having these fun images are something we will treasure for a long time.

So long, Cheri! We love you and miss you so much already!


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