An Etsy Valentine’s

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My husband and I really don’t do the Valentine’s Day thing. I think the main reason I’m not into the holiday is because my birthday is two weeks before it and his is two weeks after it. So, while fresh flowers and chocolate never hurt, we usually downplay the “love” holiday and stick with Thai take out and a movie at home.

However, sometimes I can’t help but get swept away with all the cute Valentine’s decor that is out. I scoured Etsy the other day in search of inspiring and unique Valentine’s Day gifts to share with you. Here are some of my favorites!

il_fullxfull.414953750_fvuy Bright Red Ceramic Heart Spoon by Back Bay Pottery

il_fullxfull.421617294_os2l Red Love Heart Bowl by karoArt

il_fullxfull.368434530_7al4 His & Hers Wedding Ring Holders by Promise Pottery

il_fullxfull.422901847_gieh Red Heart Pillow Cover by Sukan

il_fullxfull.360599728_hotz Valentine’s Print by Gingiber


One thought on “An Etsy Valentine’s

  1. Nathy says:

    A friend and I came up with the theory that Valentines is the holiday for singles who like someone, but have not told them yet. Because they still have the hope that the guy or girl might get caught up in the spirit and make a romantic gesture. But as couples the excitement of professions of love is gone, since you profess your love everyday anyhow.

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