Party: The Super Bowl

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday and I’m sure most of you already have your menu planned, however, if you’re still looking for ideas…we found a few.

Kelly Senyei from Gourmet Magazine has provided some great menu options and planning tips.

Let’s start with the perfect appetizer Queso Fundidio

For the main course serve Stuffed Sliders Your Way

Finally, the dessert Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

The menu is just the beginning.  Continue reading for more side dishes and tips for your perfect Super Bowl Party.

• Throw the Flag: Don’t stop at decorating with your team’s colors; add yellow and red napkins to mimic the referee’s flag and the coach’s challenge flag. This simple decorative touch will add an element of coffee table competition to your spread.

• The Perfect Spot: Keep things simple by positioning food near the television, with sweets kept separate from savory dishes. You don’t want guests to be forced to choose between watching the game and eating. It’s a Super Bowl party, not a seven-course dinner.

• Pre-game Warm-Up: Include a mix of both hot and room temperature foods, the latter of which can be prepared and set out ahead of time. Our menu includes a Chopped SaladAsian-inspired Snack Mix andOrzo Salad that can be ready in bowls before guests arrive, giving you ample time to fire up the grill (or grill pan) for DIY sliders.

• Get Into the Spirit: Opt for more unique beer options to pair with your snacks, and don’t forget the citrus! Add a splash of fresh lime to Corona, an orange wedge to Blue Moon or a lemon twist to Ayinger.

• Call for Substitutions: It’s not all about the booze. Don’t forget to include kid-friendly mocktails like freshly squeezed lemonade or fruit-filled iced tea for those who are looking for beverages that don’t have to be shaken or stirred.

• Post-game Wrap-Up: The last thing you’ll likely want to think about after the game is more food. But bidding goodbye to your guests with a parting gift of homemade granola makes for a stress-free Monday morning with breakfast already in the bag.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend eating amazing gourmet food.

Photos by Chris Gentile


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