My Winter Wedding

This past weekend was full of two things – weddings and winter weather. After a beautiful day on Friday, temps dropped and freezing rain replaced the sunshine. Pair that with photographing a wedding on Saturday and setting up our Social Graces booth at the local Bridal Expo and I have found myself dreaming of a winter wedding. My own wedding, 4 years ago, was in the fall. It was classic, black and white, and simple. I’m in more of a frilly mood lately, so, I thought it would be fun to create a collection of attire I would incorporate if I was planning a winter wedding now.

For me, a flowing gown with all the right accessories:bhldn wedding dressWindswept Gown, Bhldn

veil:jacketEver Mine Ivory Fascinator, Ruche and Ranunculus Jacket, Bhldn

shoe:necklaceCloud Cover Peep Toe, Bhldn and Twin Bouquets Neckclace, Bhldn

For the bridesmaids, a mix of gray and deep yellow:
bridesmaidHydrangea Dress in Gray and Golden, Bhldn 

For my hubby, a slim-cut, wool suit paired with a pop of warm color:
groomThe Ludlow Suit and Fox Brothers tie, JCrew

For the kiddos, a nod towards the bride & groom’s attire:flower:ringGirls Lyla Dress and Boys’ Ludlow Suit, JCrew

How about you? Would your wedding change course if you were planning for a different season?

*top image via pinterest



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