The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit


You’ve planned for months. You’ve made hundreds of decisions. You’ve worked to make everyone around you happy. And now, your special day is here. Your vendors are confirmed, your wedding dress steamed and your honeymoon bags packed. But, are you really prepared? Are you prepared for all the little things that could go wrong? Like a make-up spill on your dress, bad breath, or a wind-blown up-do?

Never fear, because today we are going to give you a look into building the Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit. Swatchbook Weddings has this nifty chart to get you started, but below we have compiled a comprehensive list of everything you might need on your wedding day.


From Above Chart: 1. Bandaids, 2. Breath Mints, 3. Clear Nail Polish, 4. Bobby Pins, 5. Tissues, 6. Deodorant, 7. White Nail Polish, 8. Lotion, 9. Aspirin, 10. Compact mirror, 11. Hair Spray, 12. Antacid, 13. Drinking Straws, 14. Lint Roller, 15. Snacks, 16. Eye Drops, 17. Safety Pins, 18.Stain Remover, 19. Water, 20. Static Guard, 21. Sewing Kit

Additional items: 22. Touchup makeup, 23. Baby Wipes, 24. Nail Clippers, 25. Nail Polish Remover, 26. Hand Sanitizer, 27. Contact Lens Solution, 28. Q-Tips, 29. Tweezers, 30. Scotch/Masking/Duct Tape, 31. Umbrella, 32. Scissors, 33. Twine/Fishing Wire, 34. Dental Floss

Now put your Maid of Honor in charge of this kit and enjoy your day!


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