Social Etiquette: Thank You’s

We are continuing the Social Etiquette series today with Thank You’s. But first, take a look at our past entries; The Negative NancyThe Rehearsal DinnerBridesmaids, and Wedding Invitations

Today’s subject: Thank You’s

From Alli: “Thank yous are such an important component to the wedding process. In the crazy schedule leading up to and following a wedding it is so important to not over look all the love and support that has made your day come to life. There are thank you’s from numerous showers, then thank you’s to your bridal party and families as the day approaches and the countless thank you’s to write after the wedding day. As a bride I can relate to wanting to give your helpers the incredible thank you’s that they so deserve. Sometimes it feels like the budget won’t allow for this but I want to encourage you to think outside the box. You must realize the saying “it’s the thought that counts” is truly at the heart of wedding thank you’s. People understand that you are just starting out and money may be tight in the first few years. Sending a well written, heart felt thank you can be just as meaningful as a monetary gift. If you would still like to give them more than a card consider $5 Starbucks cards; treating them to a relaxing cup of coffee. Or if you’d be so brave a DIY; homemade jelly, treats, soaps ect.”

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