DIY: Easy Fall Centerpiece

I love fresh flowers as much as the next girl. In fact, I’ve gotten into the tradition of picking some up almost every week at our favorite local Farmer’s Market. However, I needed something a bit more permanent to sit on my dining room table for the fall. So, I decided to put together this easy centerpiece earlier this week. This would be a great centerpiece for a fall wedding. It could easily be used at a dinner party, shower or as a part of the Thanksgiving tablescape.

I used twine and corks…

a glass vase and fake flowers/branches from a local craft store. First, I put twine around the bottom of the branches. Mine were a bit too long for the vase, so I had to bend the stems before tying them together.

After putting the branches in the vase, I started to fill with the corks. The corks give a bit a more “fallish” feel and unique texture to the piece. 

That’s it! Now I can enjoy the centerpiece until Thanksgiving.


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