DIY: Monogram Glass

Today’s DIY comes from Thistlewood Farms.  It’s a perfect and inexpensive gift for your wedding party or if you’re looking for a gift to give a bride and groom.  It’s looks so easy but will add some class to your table.

Step 1.  Purchase glasses at dollar store for literally….one dollar.

Step 2:  Purchase round stickers from the dollar store.

Remove stickers in the center, leaving the circle outline.

Stick circle outlines onto glass and place a letter sticker into the center of the circle.

I just bought regular stickers at Hobby Lobby and took the W’s out of the package.

I had to buy the entire alphabet of stickers.

Note:  You can also tape off a square with painter’s tape if you can’t find circle stickers.

Step 3:    Using a q-tip, heavily glob on the etching cream.

Important point…..glob it on.  

Be sure to follow directions on the bottle of etching cream you bought.

The more etching cream you glob, the better your circle will be etched onto the glass.

Wait 5 minutes.

Step 4:  Wash off etching cream with soap and water.

Peel off “W” sticker.

Your “W” should be clear and the circle should be etched.

Wash glass with soap and water once more before using.

PS  Edited to add:

I bought the etching cream at Hobby Lobby and it was called Armour Etch.



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