DIY Wednesday: Canvas Art

I found inspiration for this DIY Canvas Art via Pinterest (it was originally featured somewhere on Design*Sponge). The inspiration is actually a chalkboard, but I was looking for a more permanent piece of art for our bedroom. I think this idea could easily be the foundation of a shower or wedding. You could carry the initials and colors (my preference is the black & white) all throughout – think invites, programs, menus, favor tags, etc. Then, at the end, you have a very personal piece of art for your home.

It was a fairly inexpensive piece to make, especially with my 40% coupon from Hobby Lobby.

You’ll need: canvas, spray paint, acrylic paint, a stencil and a paint brush

First, start out by spray painting the canvas. Make sure it is evenly covered.

I chose to actually leave the edges a little rough. I didn’t try to avoid them or try to cover them completely. You, however, could do whatever you want!

While the paint was drying, I made a stencil for our first initials. I actually took a lot of time to measure and draw straight lines. I didn’t want the canvas to look too free hand, so this helped me out.

After deciding exactly where I wanted the initials, I went to town. After painting both initials, I free-handed a straight line between the letters. 

Here’s my finished product. It still has a bit of chalkboard feel to it, but without all the chalk dust.


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