Social Etiquette: The Rehearsal Dinner


From Alli: “Rehearsal dinners have evolved into a special event all their own. They create the opportunity for the bride and groom to thank their closest friends & family and in return, you (as the bride!), get to soak up the love from those that give it best.

It is customary for the groom’s family to foot the bill on the rehearsal dinner. So, it will most likely be your future in-laws that have the final say on how many are invited. Sitting down with them to decide details of who is invited is a smart choice. Together, you can decide if want an intimate dinner with just wedding party, officiant, and immediate families, or if you’d like a larger dinner with family, wedding party and their families, officiant and spouse, out of town family, and any wedding helpers you may have enlisted.

If you need a little more guidance on how the night should go, I would highly recommend checking out USA Brides post on Rehearsal Dinners. I found it to be very informative and helpful.

And, if you are looking for some decor inspiration (which of course you are, because that’s the best part!), check out the following ideas I found via Wedding Wire.”


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