Social Etiquette: Bridesmaids

Today we will be looking into the world of bridesmaids (which some of us are already very familiar with!). 

From Alli: “So, your best gal pal is tying the knot and she asked you to be a part of her big day! Well, get out your to-do list, honey, because we are about to make you the best bridesmaid yet!

I have been a bridesmaid my fair share and I am now a bride, so I have been able to see things from both ends of this relationship. For some weddings, my only responsibility was to show up on time and smile when the photographer said so. For other weddings, I was in charge of showers, invites, decorating and assisting the bride in every way possible.

Whichever end of the spectrum you end on, the single most important thing for any bridesmaid to do is keep communication up with the bride. Have a clear understanding, from the very beginning, about what she is expecting from you. Understand what things are most important to her and where, when & how you can help. She may say her aunts are taking care of the showers and all you need to do is the bachelorette party. Or she may need a whole lot more. After you have heard out your bride be sure to equally communicate the thoughts you have about your role as bridesmaid. Having conversations like these are imperative to a happy wedding planning time!

The 3 keys to being a stellar bridesmaid are:
-willingness and eagerness to help
-remembering why you were chosen as a bridesmaid in the first place – your friendship!”

Images via Meg White Photography

Thanks for sharing, Alli! Stay tuned for Friday’s post on Rehearsal Dinners.


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