Social Etiquette: Wedding Invitations

This week, Alli (our fabulous intern!), will be contributing to a short series on Social Etiquette. Alli has been in the throws of her own wedding planning (September 15 is the big day!) all summer, so we thought it would be a great time for her to share a few things she has learned.

Today, we will start off with Wedding Invitation Etiquette.

From Alli: “Invite wording was the one of the biggest struggles I faced when planning my own wedding. It took us months to finally make a decision. As a fellow bride I would love to save you some time!

Consider your wedding’s personality before you start looking. This will help you know what you are looking for… otherwise reading invites will only confuse you more. If you are looking for a more elegant or traditional feel look at these ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings*. If you are looking for more personalized wording look to Purple Trail to help you navigate.

The second battle is addressing the invites. There are multiple ways to do this. I checked out Today’s Bride to see what the best etiquette was for choosing that wording.”

*Speaking of Martha Stewart Weddings, Martha is the queen of all things etiquette. I love that she breaks down the “Anatomy of the Invitation.”  Martha is also extremely helpful for wording (what could be) awkward hostess information. Are the bride’s parents hosting? The groom’s? The couple hosting themselves? Divorced parents? A deceased parent? These can all be tricky to navigate, so let ‘ol Martha help you through.

Another etiquette faux-pas worthy of noting is the notion of including your registry information in your wedding invitation. This information is more appropriately placed in your shower invitation, wedding website or through word of mouth. As The Knot puts it, “Guests know that they are supposed to ask your mom, your maid of honor, or even you where you’re registered. Putting it in the invite is still considered bad form because it suggests that the gift is more important than the potential guest.”

Now to the fun part! Here are a few of our favorite (and innovative) invite design finds to get you inspired:

Love Story,

Say Yes,

Folk Artsy,






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