Valentines Day: Free Printable

In the spirit of Valentines Day next week, We thought we’d share a fun little FREE printable for you from Inspired by Charm

The designers thoughts on her printable: The other day I stumbled across this video on youtube of darren criss (yes, i watch glee and love every minute of it). the part of the video where he mentions the song lyric form ‘at last’ – my heart was wrapped in clover – stood out to me.

I’ve always sang those lyrics but never understood what i was singing. this happens to me a lot. so i did a little google search to uncover the meaning of ‘in clover’. it turns out its a term of endearment. it means that the person was absolutely smitten. aww. beautiful, right?

so, with that, i was inspired to make this little print. great for all year long, but kind of perfect for valentines day.
here is the link to a free PDF copy of the print. once you download it, just print it from your computer printer like i did. once it’s framed, no one will ever know! it’s our little secret.

Images found here


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