DIY: Fringe Banner

Today’s DIY was made for my daughter’s new room but this banner would be perfect for a kid’s birthday party or even the backdrop for a wedding.
What you will need:
Sturdy string (I used a small rope I found at Hobby Lobby)
fabric of choice
I used a bunch of scrap pieces I had from other events.

1) Cut the fabric into desired length.  I wanted my short but not all the same length.  For a backdrop, you can make them even longer to touch the floor.

2) Figure out the order you want them in and start tying knots.   You can tie your knots in a number of ways, I wanted some of the top fabric to show.

3) Hang you banner wherever you’d like.  Keep in mind, the banner may look light, however, depending on hope much fabric you used, it will get super heavy.

Images by Becca Murdaugh


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