Our First Year!

Has it really been a year? We launched Social Graces exactly a year ago today. It was a perfect day because our area had multiple inches of snow and everyone was stuck inside on the internet. Perfect start to our business!
Click here to see our start.

What a year it has been. We’ve had a great time with several weddings, a few baby showers, birthdays, DIYs and more. We look forward to an even better year as we grow our business.
Thank you everyone for making this year a blast.
Year in review:
Party: Nik’s 30th

Couples Shower: Josh and Melissa

Our first contest: Winner – Melissa

DIY: Tissue Pom Poms

Office Party: A baby shower

Party Recipe: Chocolate Raspberries

Birthday: Zeda’s 2nd

Styling for 417 – Summer Issue

Trend: Chevrons

DIY: Burlap Banner

First Bridal Show

Real Wedding: Brandon and Morgan

Sweet Little Details: Pumpkin Whoopies

Meet Alli: Our Intern

Real Wedding: Andrew and Jerrica

Styling for 417 – Winter Issue

Fun Facts over the year:
Views: 48,595
Posts: 210
Comments: 238
Followers: 365
Twitter followers: 42
Facebook followers: 171


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