Baby: A Gender Reveal Party

Today’s party is an extra special one for me…it’s when I (Becca) found out I am having a baby boy in April.

A couple of weeks ago we had a gender reveal party with 40 of our closest friends and family. I had every detail planned, including the WAY we were going to cut into the cake.  Except, I hadn’t thought through the moment of 40 people watching, anxiously awaiting to see the color. It was an exciting and very emotional moment to say the least.
Here is our sweet little girl, Zeda.  I’m not sure what she was more excited about, having a brother or eating cake.

Cake: Belinda Wingo

Truffles, star cookies and meringue: Trader Joes

Cookies: Social Graces

Banner, cake stands, boy/girl tags and ribbon pins: Social Graces

Photos: Meg White Photography


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