Christmas DIY

It’s time to get ready for Christmas!   I came across the cutest Christmas DIY from The Tortoise and the Hare.  I’m in love with the simplicity and the clean color this little decoration brings.

Image by The Tortoise and the Hare

What you need:

Clear jars
small Christmas trees (these are from Hobby Lobby)
snow spray
glitter (optional)
table sugar

How to assemble:

I found all of my trees at Hobby Lobby for super cheap. When I bought them they were green. I came home and gave each of them a nice soak in some hot water and bleach. I let them soak for about 30 mins. Then I rinsed each one throughly to get off any additional bleach. I let them dry overnight. Once dried, I sprayed each tree with a little snow spray that I also got at Hobby Lobby, called “Snow” and sprinkled with a touch of glitter. I gathered all the glass jars around the house that I could, poured in a little sugar for snow, placed in the tree and ta da…pretty little Christmas jars.


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