Real Wedding: Josh and Logan

Logan and Josh were married this summer with a one-of-a-kind beautiful wedding. Logan explains her planning below with an array of amazing photos by the talented Alec Vanderboom
My wedding was July 9th of this summer, my dress was handmade by my grandmother. We ordered a 1940’s ball gown dress pattern and a gold brocade material. It turned out just like I had hoped. I didn’t want the typical white dress, and I love golds and coppers, so I just incorporated all the metallics into my wedding.

My bridesmaids dresses were a Maggie London brand that I found on Overstock for way cheaper than the original price. The mens attire was completely Josh’s idea. He knew from the beginning he wanted top hats, so we went for a search on Ebay. We found some great ones that were very inexpensive from Steampunk. I seriously became quite the bargain hunter.The shirts and pants were Express, and he found nautical belts for all the men at American Eagle. His suspenders were from a local mens clothing store.

Some details at our wedding were the cross stitching signs. Instead of using floral fabric like I had seen in a magazine, I quickly cross stitched “love” and “welcome” into them. One of my favorite details were blue wine bottles that we strung up above each table with lights in them. They worked as small little chandeliers! Also, Josh has an addiction to candy, so I set up a “Candy Stand” with all of his favorites, like cotton candy, and Kazoozles! They are the best candy around! Another detail that I liked really well was we had a unity tree instead of a candle, or sand. We didn’t want any of that to have to set up on a mantle one day or pack away, so we thought we could raise a tree, and when we finally found our special piece of land to build our dream home on, we will plant our tree!!!! There were so many little details that I just loved because I had worked so hard on it all and to see it all together was so rewarding. Josh loved all of it, and it looked just like I’d hoped. Nothing compares to that day, everything was perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Images by Alec Vanderboom


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