Shower: Baby Sickler

I had the absolute privilege of helping host my sweet friend from College, who currently lives in LA, Brooke’s baby shower. We kept it simple with no games since she hasn’t seen most of the guest for 2 years. She wanted to mingle and get as much face time as she could with all her friends. We had a lot of food (there was about 5 or more pregnant ladies there who were eating for two) a fabulous cake done by her friend, Barbie and lots and lots of laughs. We threw a “giftcard” shower since she would be flying back to LA and even though that sounds sad to not open gifts, her friends were sweet and creative with cards. I’m sure if she read them all there, she would’ve been a crying mess.
Congrats Brooke! Can’t wait to see your baby girl in November!

Images by Becca Murdaugh


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