Real Wedding: Morgan & Brandon

It was a complete privilege to be asked to coordinate the day-of for this sweet wedding. For a second, it looked like the weather might not cooperate, but sure enough, right before the ceremony, a rainbow appeared.

Brandon and Morgan are very familiar with the wedding day process, as Brandon is a successful wedding movie-maker. Check out his work here.

Here’s what Morgan had to say about her big day.

I was so overwhelmed with the love, support, and joy I felt from our friends, family, and my groom. So so many people contributed to our day and I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such a concentrated outpouring of joy in my life. I was definitely so thankful we scheduled our wedding in the evening. Right before the ceremony the heat broke, the looming storm changed direction, and the weather was absolutely perfect for our “I do’s”. The ceremony itself was incredibly moving. I felt so present and so connected in those moments. It was completely surreal, thrilling, and unforgetable. I had the unique privilege of having the ceremony officiated by my dad, which is something I have dreamt about all my life. The music (which our dear friends played) and the ceremony provided the perfect framework for exchaning our vows.

Oh, the dress. We shopped all the stores in town searching for the perfect dress in a price range I was willing to spend and everything came up short. I had a vision in mind and couldn’t locate it anywhere. So my mom graciously offered to make my wedding dress, my most favorite diy project of all. We searched out the perfect materials and she/we spent hours agonizing over each and every detail, cutting, recutting, sewing, and perfecting until I had the one-of-a-kind-no-other-like-it-made-to-fit-only-me dress. of. my. dreams. The price tag? $76.00. [I say that only because: a) it demonstrates what an amazing mother I have, b) it proves that the dress for one’s “big day” does not have to cost a fortune to be perfect, and c) well… I’m just really proud we crafted exactly what I imagined for under $100.] I am forever indebted to her for the time, energy, and love she put into that garment. It is a treasure that makes me weepy even now as I write about it.

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G was diy’d. I knew from the start that I wanted a low cost, personal wedding. In order to achieve both these things, we worked tirelessly on every detail ourselves. One of my favorites was the arch. From the beginning I had hoped for an arch covered with paper flowers in browns, creams, and whites. One of my best friends from college graciously helped to create the inspiration and led the team of my bridesmaids and I to the perfect arch under which I was married. My groom designed the stationary set and programs for the day, which were personal to the last detail. I loved so much that he brought my vision to life. We even created little bios about the wedding party for guests to read while fanning themselves with the program! As a wedding guest, I am always curious about the ones standing with the bride and groom. This gave our guests a way to know a little about our “chosen few” and what they mean to us in our lives.

We know firsthand how hard wedding vendors work and it was so incredibly special to have so many people who are our friends work as our “vendors”. Sesha, of Convey Studios, shot our gorgeous photos and kept the mood light and fun throughout the day. Emma, of Red Velvet Sweet Shoppe, designed and created our stunning dessert table. Nick, of the Loft at Keith Farms, was incredibly helpful and let us set up the whole week prior to the wedding (something no other venue offered in town). Sarah Lockhart did an amazing job on hair. And so so many others prepared/made the food, arranged flowers, played our ceremony, and filled in all the necessary roles to keep the day running smoothly.

Also, I am certain our day would not have been stressfree for my family/friends, or me, without the help of Social Graces as our day-of coordinators. I was not going to book a coordinator, thinking “I can manage this thing on my own.” But, as the day came closer it became clear that having a neutral third party was going to be a must in order for things to run smoothly without me feeling like I had manage the day. I am so so thankful we booked Social Graces. I know they worked tirelessly covering details I don’t even know about in order to give my groom, my family, my friends, and me the freedom to enjoy our guests and each other.
Thanks for such kind words, Morgan! It was an absolutely beautiful day!
Images by Sesha Shannon.

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