DIY: Happy Birthday Cake Banner

Today’s DIY was featured on Cake by Stephanie from stephlovesben.  It is such a simple concept but maybe one that you’ve never thought to do.  What a great way to spice up your cake for a family birthday party!

You will need: felt, scissors, wooden skewers, needle and string:

Step 1: Choose a font that you like and print out the phrase “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.” It’s best to use a bold font that will be thick enough to cut out. Also, make sure that you adjust the font size to you are going to want your letters to be:

Step 2: Cut out each letter from the paper and then use as a guide to cut out the letters from the felt:

Step 3: Once you have all the letters cut out, use a needle and string of your choice to thread the letters onto the string. Just sew one stitch through each letter:

Step 4: Attach the ends of the string to the wooden skewers:

And you’re done!


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