Carter’s First Birthday

Today, we are excited to share with you a party produced by our friend Jenny. Her little boy, Carter, recently turned one and Jenny did such a cute job with the day’s details.

From Jenny: When I started planning Carter’s 1st birthday party, I struggled to find a theme that would genuinely connect to him since – as a baby – there’s not a lot that they’re “in to” at that age. Then one day it hit me: Carter loved a little orange knit fox we’d given him for Christmas. He loved him so much that every time he slept he would cuddle up next to it and smile every time he saw it. So, that’s what inspired me to do the fox theme. For decor I really tried to incorporate bright colors and whimsical decorations. Some decorations I made, some I ordered from Etsy and some I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me, I love pictures and always have a camera. I’ve taken thousands of pictures of Carter, so I wanted to display them at his party. My dad (Carter’s grandpop) helped me construct the photo frame backdrop to the dessert table. I ended up printing 3x too many pictures to fit on the frame!!! If I had to choose a favorite moment, it would be giving Carter the birthday cake and watching him figure out how to dive in! So precious.Images by Meg White Photography.

Thanks so much for sharing, Jenny!


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