DIY: Party Pinata

This DIY is so exciting. It’s perfect for a kid’s birthday party but best of all, it is cost efficient and that is what makes me smile. You can do this DIY (Filling included) for less then 10 dollars. If you are up for a little craft-time, try this!

Image found here

Images found here

Directions below are for the top pinata found here

Inflate a 24-inch- wide balloon; set it atop a large bucket so that the balloon’s narrow end rests just inside the bucket.

Cut newspaper into 3″L x 1″W strips (you’ll need about 200 strips total). In a bowl, mix equal parts school glue and water. Working one strip at a time, dip paper into the mixture and immediately place on the balloon. Once the strips are dry to the touch (about an hour), turn the balloon upside down and cover its narrow end—stopping a few inches from the top to leave a four-inch-wide opening (where you’ll later insert candy). Allow to dry completely, about six hours. Repeat with two more layers on both ends, allowing six hours of drying time between each layer.

Use a pin to pop the balloon, then tip the hive over to empty. Set the hive back in the bucket and fill with candy.

Create a hanger for the hive by making two small holes at the narrow end with an X-Acto knife, on opposite sides near the opening. Cut a four- foot-long piece of twine; thread one end through both holes and tie off near the top of the hive, leaving enough twine for hanging.

Close the open end using six-inch-long strips of papier-mâché, applying a total of three layers and allowing for drying time between each.

Cut colored crepe paper streamers into three-inch-long strips. Glide a glue stick along each strip; then, starting at the bottom of the pinata, affix in a horizontal pattern until the whole thing is covered.

For directions to make the 2nd pinata click here.


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