Sweet Little Details: Confetti Pops

What’s more fun then a confetti cake pop?  A birthday party filled with confetti cake pops.  Try these super tasty cake pops for your next party from our very own Sweet Little Details.

Image by Jen Campbell at Sweet Little Details

Confetti Pops

1 package (16 oz) Vanilla Candy Coating

1 box White Cake Mix (plus ingredients for mix)

1 cup frosting vanilla frosting

Lots and lots of edible Confetti

48 lollipop sticks

Prepare and bake Cake Mix as directed on box; cool completely. Crumble cooled cake into a large bowl. Mix thoroughly with 1 cup frosting. Add 1/8 cup of confetti to the cake, frosting mixture. Roll mixture into tablespoon size balls and place on cookie sheet; chill until firm.

Melt Vanilla  Candy Coating over low heat in a double boiler.

Dip tip of lollipop stick into candy coating. Insert stick a little over half way into the cake ball.  Coat the cake ball in the candy coating. After access coating has dripped off, let cake pops dry completely. I use Styrofoam to keep sticks vertical.

While candy coating is still wet sprinkle with confetti.


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