Vendor Spotlight: Mrs B’s Daddy Dress

To continue our celebration for Father’s Day, I’d like to introduce a friend of ours, Mrs B’s Accessories. I met Rebekah Batson of Mrs. B’s Accessories in college and when I was having a baby she made me all kinds of fabulous items for my new little one. She makes a range of items but today we’d like to show off her Daddy Dress. It’s a perfect gift for any daddy with a little girl.
From Rebekah: My Daddy’s Shirt Dress is a halter dress made from a man’s button up dress shirt. I am a HUGE fan of up-cycling and re-purposing clothing. I also have a huge passion for anything vintage. I came up with and designed this dress last spring and it debuted just in time for Father’s Day. It was a huge hit all around but especially with the Daddy’s, which is really fun for me. These dresses are very special for what they are but I have had the honor of making a few dresses for a couple little girls whose Daddy and Uncle passed away. I pretty much cried my way through these projects. It was such an honor to be trusted by these families to take something so precious and help them honor these men in their lives. I am currently working on a design to make a fun top for women out of these shirts as well.Photos by Flash Photography

You can find Mrs. B’s Accessories here or here.


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