The First Look

Although more and more couples are choosing to see each other before the ceremony, there is still a great debate over the “First Look.” If that term leaves you clueless, I’ll fill you in. A “first look” is a moment (usually private) between the bride and the groom before the ceremony begins. As a photographer and a once-upon-a-time bride myself, I usually suggest having this first look a few hours beforehand. Not only is the first look just plain fun for me as a photographer, it also offers practicality to the day – you can get all your pictures done and then go enjoy your wedding!

However, this practical argument is not what usually wins a bride over to the idea. The meaningfulness that happens in those few moments are second to none. It’s private, it’s intimate, it’s just about the two of you. At many weddings, this is the only private moment the couple will get to share. For most, seeing each other in this fashion calms nerves and brings the couple’s focus to what the day is really about – a lifelong commitment to each other.

Images by Meg White.


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