DIY: Party Bags

Social Graces would like to introduce a friend of ours Kendra Skinner of  Lonie Mae.  She is a wonderful source for DIY’s, fashion and event design.  Today, she is sharing with us a perfect little bag for any party favor.Images by Janae Hardy, table design by Sharon Taylor and Kendra SkinnerYou need:

Decorative ribbon/fringe
A sewing machineFirst you will cut your first rectangle of fabric to the size you want. I did a 12×5 inch piece. The size is up to you though…these bags can be as big or small as you like. Then before you get to sewing, cut the rest to size, using the first one as a pattern. (I made four)

Fold the fabric over about 1 1/2 inches(bad sides of fabric touching) to create a casing for your drawstring. On the front side, on the bottom edge of the casing stitch line, sew decorative ribbon/fringe on.

With good sides of fabric touching, sew sides of bag together, stopping at the casing stitch.

Fold bag like shown and sew across the bottom of the bag to create support.

Flip Bag inside out after sewing both corners.

Next, using a safety pin to guide it through, push the ribbon through the casing you have sewn. Gather the casing with the ribbon. 

Images by Kendra Skinner

See! Not hard at all…I hope you enjoy!

Thanks Kendra for sharing with us, we hope to have you stop by Social Graces again and share more of your creativity!


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