DIY: Seating Chart Part 3 of 3

Wednesday we introduced you to the name tags, Thursday was the fabric flowers and today, we get to the easiest part:  Gluing and tacking everything together.

Things you will need:

Peg boards (We used two different colors)  A good idea is to map out your tags first to make sure they fit and can be arranged correctly, then you can tell how many boards you will need.

Tumb tacks

Hot glue gun with extra sticks


Arrange the flowers around the boarder of the board however you like it…a little more, a little less, have fun with it!  Then hot glue the flowers down.Once the glue is dry, tack the name tags on in alphabetical order.  We put A-L on one board and M-Z on the other.  Then label your boards with how you arranged them to make things easy on your guest as they arrive (we used larger tags from Etsy, you can see one in the top picture).  A little hit to help the traffic flow, we placed the boards on easel at each side of the door so there was less hovering to find their name.


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