DIY: Seating Chart Part 1 of 3

The next three days will consist of a larger DIY project.  A seating chart.  There are many parts to this board from Josh and Melissa’s wedding.  Above is the end result.  Image taken by Meg White Photography, click here to see more beautiful shots from their AMAZING wedding.

Image by Katie Day

Part 1: The name tags

What you will need:

Name tags (these are from Etsy)

Rope like string

A candle

Fine-tip marker

Stamp of your choice


Lay out the number of name tags you will need.  We made one name tag per couple, you could also do per person.  Stamp the back of each name tag and set aside to dry.

Next, cut string into the desired hanging size.  Burn the edges by holding the string above a candle.

Once you have your seating chart figured out and the backs of the tags are dry, flip them over and write the names and table number of your guests.

Finally, loop the string through the tags and tie them at the desired length.

Come back tomorrow to see how to make the flowers on the seating chart board.


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