DIY: Coffee Bag Favors

If your friends are anything like ours, they will LOVE this party favor at your next event. It’s practical, fun and will make your venue smell amazing. It’s a bag of coffee for your guests to take home and enjoy.  This favor is found here.  You could also make a few filled with tea bags for those non-coffee drinkers.

What you will need:

Lettering Stencil
Burlap bags (4×6, available here)
Twine, hemp cord or ribbon
1 inch circle paper punch and paper of your choice
Coffee Beans
Stamp Kit for tags
Hole paper punch (not pictured)
Fabric marker (not pictured)

Using the stencil, starting painting burlap bags with wording of your choice. We chose cafe since the coffee we bought is from Costa Rica and it’s faster to stencil with just four letters, plus it gives the perfect import/export coffee sack look. Fill burlap bags half way (about a cup or a cup and half) and tie with Thank you tags. You can also make tea favors for guests who don’t drink coffee using the same stencil but placing in a separate crate. The total cost for packaging materials were under 50 cents per favor.

Images by Ruffled


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