Office Party: Fish and Chips Luncheon

Each month we have a lunch for the College Ministry in our church.  I plan a different theme and meal each time.  Since we are a church we are under a strict budget, therefore, I have to get creative in order to make the lunch attractive to the twenty somethings.Here are some budget friendly ideas…

Buy the food and cook it yourself, it’s more work but really helps to cut back the cost. 

Make the ever so popular fabric banners, click here to learn how.  I made this banner for less than 5 dollars.Reuse decoration that you already have.  I use these vases for MANY events but fill them with different items each time.Find a game on-line that goes with the theme but make sure the supplies are cheap.  Since our theme was nautical we did a knot tieing competition that was a hit.  We found instructions on how to tie several different knots on-line and pulled them together on one sheet.  I then bought rope like ribbon for less than 2 dollars from the sale ben, burned the ends and let people tie away.I also printed simple coloring sheets since some people in our ministry have small children, it makes for a smoother event, I promise.(Images by Becca Murdaugh)

Use these simple techniques next time you are on a tight budget.


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