Office Party: Natalie’s Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I helped pull together an office baby shower. If you have an office like mine, something is in the water – we are having babies right and left. While it is so fun to celebrate with each and every one of our co-workers, we also have to stick to a pretty strict budget and pull our resources together. I wanted Natalie’s shower to be a little special – she is the first to welcome a baby girl into the world since I’ve been working there. So, how do you pull off a super cute office shower without going overboard with budget? It’s simple.

1. Use inexpensive materials to create colorful decorations, like these tissue pom poms.

2. Use decorations that you already have. I was so excited to reuse these pretty banners from my sister-in-law’s bridal shower (you can find out how to make these here).

3. Use cupcakes to make a dramatic display instead of splurging for a three-tiered cake. 

4. Double game pieces as gifts. We played Price is Right with items off of Natalie’s registry. She went home with a few bonus gifts.

5. Search online for unique paper items – like these napkins that were on sale at Party City and about to be out of stock. 

6. Get creative with inexpensive side food items, like these Jolly Rancher flavored jelly beans. Often its how you display something that makes all the difference.

7. Take a little extra time to do-it-yourself. Our favors were inexpensive and took about an hour to make. We stamped small paper bags, stuffed them with colorful candy, punched holes at the top and weaved ribbon through. Simple, but so sweet. 

Images by Meg White.


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