Mother’s Day Week: Party Ideas

One person who really inspired me to plan events is my sister, Sarah.  Her and her sister-in-law, Amber from The Hot Chocolate plan a Mother’s Day party every year for the special women in their lives.  Even though I wasn’t a mother until last year, I always went along with my mom and when I started dating my husband, his mother came along as well.  I thought it would be a perfect start to this Mother’s day week to share with you some of the fun Mother’s Day parties they came up with.  If you are a local, this one is for you.  These parties are perfect for Mother’s Day but also, for birthdays, showers and other small gatherings.

In the beginning, the parties started with just a brunch.  Sarah and Amber are both amazing cooks so a brunch alone was worth it.  However, they started adding an activity element to the parties, which stepped it up to a whole new level.

Here are a few of their fun ideas.

Flip-Flop making: After dinner we sat around a table with hundreds of fabric strips to make fun flip flops for the summer.Photo and instructions here.

Bath Junkie: We all made our own bath scrubs to pamper ourselves later.Photo found here.

Firehouse pottery: We painted our personal items and then together, we made a large plate with everyone’s names on it.Photo found here.

 Skinny Improv: We ate dinner at Trolley’s downtown and then headed over to the Skinny for a night of laughter.

Photo found here.

Ice Cream Social:  An ice cream bar full of flavors and toppings followed by a Bunko tournamentPhoto found here.


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