“ellothere” invitations

Ashley is no stranger to style. Now that she is getting married, she is putting her heart and soul into all the sweet details. Check out these super cute wedding invitations.

From Ashley: The designer is a seller on Etsy, ellothere . I fell in love with the silhouettes immediately, and we’ll be using them in different ways throughout the wedding. The stamp we used for the return addresses is also a seller on Etsy, lettergirl . I will definitely be ordering one for Nick’s and my new apartment!  We had everything printed at Overnight Prints because we use them for most of our big printing projects at work and have a good relationship with them (plus, it was really, really inexpensive). 

The wedding planning experience has been a blast! Our wedding will be very quirky and DIY. Planning a wedding has given me a chance to try all kinds of fun projects that I’ve been itching to try, but haven’t really had a reason to. It was really important to me that every aspect of the wedding have a part of us in it (not in a controlling bridezilla sort of way, but in a creative, handmade kind of way). 

You can check more of Ashley’s wedding details by visiting her blog.


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